'...the body has its own way of functioning, its own way of telling us what's going on inside, its own logic. Much of our task is to learn to listen.' - Andrea Olsen

About Marguerite

Marguerite is a dance artist and Pilates teacher with over 14 years of experience in the field. She trained at London Contemporary Dance School and The Pilates Foundation, experiencing the work of a variety of key teachers including Sonia Noonan, Susanne Lahusen, Hana Jones and Dominique Jansen. She is a comprehensive Pilates teacher and a member of the Pilates Foundation. An eye for detail and a genuine love for movement combine into the rich, detailed approach that characterises her teaching. She is based in London where she teaches a variety of matwork, equipment and online classes.

“Marguerite pays meticulous attention to the smallest details which make a very real difference to each exercise. Her knowledge and experience in biomechanics means she is able to treat each person she sees as an individual, making small adjustments to posture or technique so that the benefits of each position are maximised. Classes with Marguerite are friendly and relaxed, yet you always leave with the feeling you have worked hard!” – Client Testimonial